Cycle Therapy Ann Gallagher cycling through Africa
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What does one do
when a fifteen year real estate developer career is no longer a reason to wake up in the morning? And what does one do when personal discontent is reclassified as a complete global economic crash fueled by the failing US residential real estate market?

Would I begin establishing a new residence in my Mini Cooper? Launch a career at McDonalds? Hone my skills as a greeter at Wal-Mart? Strangle my husband? Bike across Africa? Bike 7300 miles across Africa…yeah, that’s it!!

After all, Tour d’Afrique,, has been on my bucket list. If I’m going to take a sabbatical it may as well be radical. While I’m at it, I may as well shift my focus from my perceived misery to the real miseries of others; the orphans and vulnerable children of Africa, the innocents left behind due to the AIDS pandemic.

I’ve done it before, for Chicago based Global Alliance for Africa, Trekking with groups I’ve organized, we’ve summitted Mount Kilimanjaro five times and walked 110 miles through Tsavo on the “Great Walk of Africa.” These volunteer groups collectively raised $280,000 for the orphans. Coming to realize that I’m at my best while combining adventure with helping others, my goal for the “Tour” is $10 per mile or $73,000! Through giving to others, the gift that keeps giving…is really to myself. It will truly be cycletherapy.

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